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Harvard researchers explore correlation between trust in leaders and combating Ebola

In the lawless eastern provinces of sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest country, an Ebola outbreak that has quietly become history’s second-largest epidemic may wind up turning not on drugs or quarantine, but on a third, often underappreciated factor: trust. Though it’s known that gaining the confidence and cooperation of local people is a key to successful epidemic… Read More »

Harvard research shows new link between sleep and clogged arteries

Researchers have known for some time that poor sleep raises heart disease risk. Now, they’ve found a chemical chain reaction that helps explain that risk, leading from poor sleep to a white blood cell surge that promotes the artery-clogging plaques of cardiovascular disease. The world’s top killer, cardiovascular disease kills 17.7 million worldwide annually, according… Read More »

Three projects receive funding in new collaboration between Innovate UK and Asthma UK

Innovate UK and Asthma UK have announced that three new projects will receive funding to improve treatment options for people with asthma, after the charity called on the NHS to “move with the times and put technology at the heart of asthma management”. Figures indicate that 5.4 million people are receiving treatment for the condition… Read More »